Östermalm's hidden gem

welcome to artilleriet
restaurant & cocktailbar

Östermalm's perhaps most secret & coziest restaurant.

10 people or more 

Do you want to make a booking for a larger group of 10 people or more
please call 08-664 34 30 or email info@restaurangartilleriet.se 


Don't miss a visit to our cocktail bar.


Most dog-friendly in Östermalm

As a dog owner, you can relax, your four-legged best friend is also warmly welcome inside.
With us, you can both have lunch and dinner in the company of your dog.
Water bowls are available, don't forget to ask for our dog menu or take a look at our small dog shop where we have produced a small dog collection together with Denjo Dogs.

cash free

We are cash free and only accept credit cards.
We thank you for your understanding and for helping us make our work environment safer.

opening hours

  1. Tue - Thu
  2. Fri - Sat